MALLORCA Graphic Island

signing and boards

Being somewhere is slightly different than having conscience of the place we live. I started a survey of the elements that created a map of the place I was born. Mallorca in the Balearic islands. As most know Palma and the rest of the island is a main tourism destination in the Mediterranean sea but Mallorca once was a place of fields and harbors, stones and rough, were roman legions hired those rugged men that could sink a boat by throwing stones at it with a sling. An island like others that have been passing land and enclave for phoneticians, greeks, romans, arabs, catalans and now the usual mishmash of cultures and peoples form all over the World as in the rest of Europe. we are now in the globalization and technological overtake where tradition and beauty are no longer part of the existence for most. a place where once had an idiosyncratic value but now all signs are fading away. I wanted to dedicate the portfolio to the signs and boards indicating the shops, the streets, the mountain walks or the beaches to go, to be and to enjoy, the disappearing signs that helped us to be aware of where to go. Nowadays with all the navigators and mapping programs no longer is needed to make signs nor indications. The World of data has a cruel way to make vanish the present location and what once was displayed as a necessary element  to get to places are no longer important. Derelict shop signs, broken mills, scaling paint and rusty metal signs still visible in the island are the compilation I propose you.

This is my tribute to my island, and a book that was pucnlised by MONSA editores in 2011 available form their website