Portrait / Travel



I was invited by Mr. Bruce Allan to work in Georgia for the Wine export Board committee. We started in Tbilisi and then went to a famous wine region named Kahetia, it was September and therefore harvest time. We traveled in one of those Lada baten motors, once painted light blue along with other people. The roads in Georgia are not good but the landscapes are so magnificent that one glides over the hardship of the roads and gives in the mysterious mountains and the warmth of the people you encountered mile after mile. Bucolic seems the most appropriate word for it. Once crossing a plane, we saw an outstanding oak tree, our windy road seemed to be approaching it and then when we got close by, a man waved at us and introduced himself by offering us his strong handshake, he was the local butcher, the tree, tall and big enough to abide two families underneath was his work premises, one side of the tree, mutton cut into pieces and hanging from a strait horizontal branch on the left. on the right side of the tree, another branch also displaying meat cuts of pork. He and his mate were sitting on precarious benches and had a cutting table and a basket well provided with wine, cha cha and kachapoori bread. Although it was 10 am, we sat with them and enjoyed Georgian hospitality as in drinking home made wine and 60% alcohol content spirit cha cha… it was hard to part but we had a mission and said our farewell.

Special guest photographer: Bruce Allan

We were expected in Kahetia and we were taken to visit infinite  vineyards that stopped where the hills got steep and the land got her to work, it rained, the ground was muddy and the people were charming allowing us to do marvelous shots. Bruce and I managed to make the portraits we intend and then drove back to edit the images at his flat in Tbilisi. we then decide that we shall mixed and sum hour images in order to present a better portfolio, in  This respect the photos have been produced as a team and both of us are authors. There is talk of going back to complete the portfolio in order to publish a book,  I do hope one day we may get to the stage. Thank you Georgia, always in my heart.