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Still life on the dark in all of us

My mentor died; BIGNIA was a mother to me and a true guide when I was about to crack the shell that oppressed me in my teens. I was lucky to have access to her home when she had already left. her things were there, her collections stacked in boxes collecting dust. I noticed once a hip of discarded objects, old empty bottles and funnels, just trash. One night I couldn’t sleep and I was wandering in the apartment and kicked one of those objects, as I did I had immediate rush to shoot the objects and set myself to prepare the camera equipment, I had no lights but I resolved the issue by candle lighting the objects playing with its transparencies as most glass objects do. as I finished the work, I went back to bed to join the confort of the beloved one TAKALÁ and had a peculiar dream in which I was filling those bottles and containers with my own venom, my frustrations and sorrows, all the bad I could find in me, and was no little… I poured into those flasks and pots, screw a lidl on them and put them away.. It filled me anxiety to think that I was not addressing the issues but putting them away. I was not healing completely, I was just postponing the dark side in me in order to gain courage and one day, perhaps, open up the containers and deal with each emotion one by one. Has the time come yet?